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HON. Raj Kumar Agrawal

Chairman & Founder, Shiv Shakti Group

The story of Shiv Shakti Group’s beginnings starts long before the company was established. Back in 1972, HON. Raj Kumar Agrawal, a Marwadi businessman, had a trading firm and textiles business in the Terai border town of Birgunj, Nepal. As the company grew, Agrawal expanded, opening a textile manufacturing company in 1980. Over the next decade, the focus shifted from textiles and trading into manufacturing and industrial steel concerns, and in 1987 Shiv Shakti Group was established. Since then, Shiv Shakti Group has gone from strength to strength, continuing to diversify into multiple business verticals.

Throughout his illustrious career, HON. Raj Kumar Agrawal has maintained an impeccable reputation as a man of principles and integrity. In addition to his business reputation, Agrawal has been a figure in politics, as a member of the constitution parliament. He has also been on the board of various organizations. He firmly believes in community service and has always been involved in and contributed to community outreach programs.

Sandeep Agrawal

Managing Director, Shiv Shakti Group

Since 1996 Sandeep Agrawal has been managing the day-to-day operations of Shiv Shakti Group. When he joined, he could see that there was a prosperous future in plastics and packaging and it was Sandeep Agrawal’s inspiration and drive that facilitated Shiv Shakti’s move into those business verticals.

Sandeep Agrawal is a key member of many leading private sectors organisations like FNCCI and CNI. He is a firm believer that success comes from the ability to evolve and keep pace with the changes in life and business – “be a flowing river, not a stagnant pond” is the motto he takes inspiration from and that has been reflected in the company’s constantly growing path.

Rahul Agrawal

Managing Director, Shiv Shakti Group

Rahul Agrawal joined Shiv Shakti Group in 1998. As the Managing Director, he is key in making strategic decisions regarding the on-going development of the Group. He is currently involved with the plastic, polymer, and pulses divisions at SSG.

Rahul is passionate about expanding the plastic industry. He has implemented methods that are beneficial to not only his own industry, but for the economy as a whole. This has allowed producers to satisfy both customers and environmental need better. Soft spoken and level headed, Rahul Agrawal specialises in in-depth assessments.

Apart from this, he is the president and founding member of Plast Nepal Foundation where he is constantly working to improve the plastic industry in Nepal. Rahul is also a National Council member at CNI, actively uplifting the Nepalese businesses and industry as a whole.