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about us

Shiv Shakti Group is one of Nepal’s leading consumer and industrial manufacturers.

Shiv Shakti Group (SSG) was established in 1987. Over the last three decades SSG has diversified with multiple business verticals across the country, manufacturing a wide range of products for industrial and consumer use. We are proud of the stellar reputation we have built over the years and our high standards of production are reflected in our success.

Our founder, Hon. Raj Kumar Agrawal, always maintains that quality and customer come first. In alignment with our founder’s vision, all of the group’s companies produce products to the highest international standards using innovative technology.

Our Pride

Pride of Principle. Pride of Place. Pride of Product

In keeping aligned with our founder’s vision, all our companies within the Shiv Shakti Group aims to build in sustainable practices to minimize waste, and produce products with the highest integrity and quality.

At SSG our philosophy has always been, let the quality of our product speak for itself; a reputation built on high standards will flourish through its own credibility. That is how we have become a household name across Nepal.

Positively touch every life we come across or do business with.


Our Objectives

  • Enrich our community, catering to the daily needs of our customers.
  • Remain accessible to the masses, keeping our prices reasonable and affordable.
  • Develop our goods across the whole supply chain, from raw materials to the final product (field to shelf).


Our Dream

  • Our vision is for Shiv Shakti to become a household name throughout the country and to become the one stop solution for our customer’s daily needs.


What we believe in

  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Team work
  • Community
  • Safety