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At Shiv Shakti Group (SSG), over the last 30 years we have built a reputation for maintaining the highest standards of quality in our products. Our business verticals produce a wide range of goods: from essential items like plastics, packaging and laundry soap to agricultural products such as rice, dal and a variety of edible oils including soybean, sunflower and mustard oil.

Edible Oil

For over 30 years, Shiv Shakti has been producing edible oils in Nepal’s largest processing refinery.

Agro Processing

Shiv Shakti Group’s Agro Processing vertical businesses are dal and rice, the staples of Nepal.

Soaps & Oleo Chemicals

Shiv Shakti Group makes laundry soap, detergents and soap cakes under multiple brands.

Packaging & Polymers

Shiv Shakti Group is a leader in the plastic packaging industry in Nepal. Shiv Shakti Chemoplast manufactures woven bags and tarpaulins, and Shiv Shakti Packaging is market leader in product packaging.


Our sugar factory manufactures high quality refined sugar.


We established our first cement grinding unit in 2015.


Shiv Shakti group has a variety of services including insurance and financial companies and academic institutes.

Real Estate & Infrastructure

Shiv Shakti has a number of residential and commercial architectural projects.