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Reuse oil wastage to make soap

Recycle plastic waste

Reuse rice and dal husk to generate energy

Generate self-sufficient electricity


At Shiv Shakti Group we know sustainability is vital to agricultural and industrial processes. By taking into account the end-to-end production process we’re able to reduce waste and excess use of energy.

Throughout our factories, our production processes are streamlined to get the optimum from the raw materials we use. We re-use the husks from our rice production to generate energy for oil production. We make biofertilzers from the mud produced when raw sugar juice is processed. We also ensure that all plastic waste produced is reprocessed and made reusable to reduce waste. We are constantly upgrading our facilities to reduce, reuse and recycle all types of waste.
By applying forward and backward integration to our supply chain, we are able to work more efficiently and effectively. Similar to the ‘farm to table’ concept, we are managing our products through the whole chain, from ‘field to shelf’. Shiv Shakti is leading by example in making an industry-led impact for the environment and local communities.