Shiv Shakti Aluminium Pvt. Ltd

Shiv Shakti Aluminium Pvt. Ltd. was founded in B.S. 2059 at the industrial belt of Birgunj, Nepal occupying the total area of 200000 sq.  Ft covering 80000 sq ft of constructed building. The Company produces Aluminium Utensils Kitchenware products such as Topia, Besan, Tea Suspan etc.

Company is equipped with modern type of machineries such as Hydraulic Press as well as mechanical which can deliver 200 MT finished product per month.  We can offer open sizes variation in kitchenware utensils from 12″ to 60″ in Topia. About 100-150 skilled manpower operates the equipped machine to process about 2400 Mt/Annum. We are specialized in producing big sizes Topia i.e., 52” – 60”. This is the only company in Nepal producing large sizes of Kitchenware Topia.

Our products are marketed in Nepal and India. Due to our quality consistency and availability we are able to deliver all requirements of our customer.

In near future, we are planning to add more kitchen items in our product range.

This company deals with the following products :-

1. Aluminium Utensils Kitchenware Topia
Sizes :-12”- 60”
2. Aluminium Utensils Kitchenware Besan
Sizes: 16” – 24”
3. Aluminium Utensils Kitchenware Tea Suspan
Sizes: 12”