Shiv Shakti Agri Pvt. Ltd

Shiv Shakti Agri was founded in A.D. 2010 in Jeetpur, Bara, Nepal  as   a sister Concern of the Shiv Shakti Group of Companies.We are one of the largest processors of Rice in the country.We have started producing Steamed-Rice and supply our products in the country to reduce the dependency of imported Rice.With the World renowned German Technology,we have provided the best quality of Rice in the Country.Within a very short span of time our brand name Urja has become Nepal’s number one Brand.

Mission & Vision


Sustain Shiv Shakti group position as one of Nepal’s most valuable company through world class performance.We recognize and seize opportunities for growth that builds upon our strengths and competencies.


our values are aimed at developing a customer-focused,high-performance organization which creates values for all its stakeholders.


Our products are Steam Sona Mansuli Rice, Steam Jeera Masino Rice and Premium Basmati Rice. The products are marketed thoughout Nepal under brand names of Urja, Trishuli and Saajan.These are demanded and distributed largely in different parts of Nepal.

Urja is our most renowned brand in Nepalese Market. Within a very short period of time Urja has established as one of the best brands in Nepal with consistency in quality and regular availability. This brand is in mouth of all Nepalese.


The factory is located in the Paddy growing areas of Nepal to produce best quality of Rice for consumer satisfaction.

The company uses a fully automatic system plant in which paddy is steamed and processed with latest world renowned technologies.Therefore,the quality of Rice obtained through this plant is much better than Rice obtained from Conventional System.The Paddy is stored in the Silos,Warehouses and jute Bags.There is well-equipped laboratory managed by well-qualified laboratory personnel to check the quality of Rice at each step of production.


Here in Shiv Shakti,employees are highly committed for their work and we look for the same level of commitment for the ones we take on.This plant is managed by more than 200 well-qualified,skilled and experienced managerial staff.


Our Brand Urja is the most renowned brand in the circumference of Nepal.This brand is in mouth of all Nepalese.We have successful in achieving this goal through our total commitment in the quality of the products.

The company has now embarked upon the implementation of ISO-22000 of Food Safety Management System to ensure food safety for better international acceptability and facilitating of export.The Company has purchased and commissioned a State-of-the-Art Technology from Germany.

Our Commitments: 

We are committed towards the continuous improvement by working in an utmost ethical manner while maintaining highest standards and quality. While growth is essential for our businesses, it will not come by compromising our relationships with our clients. Our founder has always emphasized that our business should “positively touch every life that we come across or do business with.”

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